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Recently we went to Porto, Portugal, for a mini break. Having a creative mind means it can sometimes be hard to switch off  but this was another level. All the tile covered buildings glistening in the midday sun, rich terracotta roof tops under a vivid blue sky and the shapes and patterns everywhere, even under my feet, had been thought through so beautifully. I couldn't get to my sketchbook fast enough, it was as if I was walking through my idea of the best sweet shop, but in

this case, a whole city!


I think this is my favourite collection to date but shhh, don't tell anyone, you are not supposed to choose your favourite child right?

Porto 1.jpeg
pasteis de nata.jpg

 The designs start off influenced by the colours, the detailed patterns and sketched inspirations from my trip. As I developed my ideas, the colours and patterns start to take on a life of their own, transforming into something new entirely. 



Sun Bloc build.png

Creative Journey

Sun Bloc Swatch.jpg

Final Design

Printed onto a linen, mixed with viscose to give it that extra strength for upholstery, my hand painted patterns sit perfectly on the natural colour and texture of the base cloth.

Copy of Sun Bloc & Tile - Bethie Tricks Textiles_edited.jpg
Morello on Porto Tile - Bethie Tricks Textiles.jpeg
Lilo & Sunrise - Bethie Tricks Textiles.jpg

Take me back to the small alleyways, highly decorated buildings that sparkled in the sun! 

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