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Bethie Tricks
The Haines Collection

03 Feb 2020

After months of conversations, designing & planning, our collaboration is finally here!! Last June, KDLoves of Kelling Designs got in touch to ask if I might consider a collaboration for their 2020 product range. Of course I said I would be honoured to!

Colour, pattern, sustainability and style

11-haines 13.jpg

Emma Deterding who heads up Kelling Designs out of both Norfolk and London, has a superb eye for colour and together with Sophie and the rest of the team, they pull together incredible interiors for residential, commercial and international projects. Joining forces with them with my current collection has been a perfect blend of both companies as we share so many of the same values.

Haines Curates_13-IMG_8390.jpg

Above, left to right: Beau lamp base with James lampshade, Darcey lamp base with Tara lampshade, Simon lamp base with Isla lampshade, Rosie lamp base with Kitty lampshade, Beau lamp base with Michael lampshade, Aisha lamp base with Isla lampshade and Simon lamp base with Katie lampshade. All lamp bases and lamp shades can be found here.


And what a range it is! They have even cleverly thought of room packs (head to their website to see more!).

I could not be happier with the colour combinations and choices of complimentary fabrics that not only make my patterns shine but are also of beautiful quality and gorgeous textures.

The whole range can be seen here

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