Bolster Cushions
  • Bolster Cushions


    The perfect shape to frame a daybed, sofa or as a support cushion under your knees or neck.


    These bolsters are a substantial size which makes them all the more comfortable to snuggle with or lean on, holding their shape, allowing you to get comfortable with a good book.


    All cushions are hand sewn in Bristol with 100% Devon sheep wool inserts that are sourced from a local supplier in Gloucester. Sheep's wool inners are much more sustainable than feathers, as well as eco-friendly as the sheep need haircuts! They can be hand washed and do not require daily/weekly plumping, its life changing!


    Measurements: 25cm X 60cm


    96% Cotton/ 6% Linen with a beige brass metal zip

    Hand wash/dry clean only


    Please note all cushions are made to order.